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International Gay & Lesbian Review

Gregory Knotts


Walter L. Williams

Founding Editor

kizi 6 . Friv games. The best free online games. The purpose of The International Gay & Lesbian Review (IGLR) is to provide abstracts and reviews of books, both fiction and non-fiction, that relate to all aspects of lesbian, gay, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, and sexual variance topics. Readers are invited to submit a review of a book they have read, or to write their comment on a book that has already been reviewed by another reader. This process is designed to overcome the limited nature of print journals, in which a single reviewer is the sole voice of evaluation of a book. Taking advantage of the interactive nature of the World Wide Web, the Editor also invites authors to respond to critiques of their writings by reviewers and commentators. Selected unpublished Ph.D. dissertations and MA theses may also be reviewed. IGLR uses the new possibilities of the World Wide Web to change the nature of book reviewing, as well as to encourage thoughtful interchange among readers throughout the world. Reviews are to be written clearly, without jargon, in order to be accessible to a worldwide multidisciplinary academic and non-academic readership.

The International Gay & Lesbian Review was founded in 1996 by Professor Walter L. Williams of the University of Southern California, and is the world's first academic journal to be published entirely on the World Wide Web. Other individuals who have made notable contributions to the web management of IGLR include: Dr. Joseph Hawkins, Dan Heller, John Waiblinger, Daniel Weiss, and Dr. C. Todd White.

Great appreciation is expressed for donors who have provided financial support to the International Gay & Lesbian Review, especially the Institute for the Study of Human Resources, the University of Southern California, Dr. Doug Elliott, and Dr. Arnold Schwab. Please join these generous donors by helping to finance the operation of IGLR, in order to keep it freely available to readers around the world.

Editorial Information and Policies

Books to be reviewed should be sent to:

International Gay & Lesbian Review    or    IGL Review
ONE National Gay-Lesbian Archives  or ONEarchives
909 W. Adams Bl.
Los Angeles CA 90007 USA

IGLR acknowledges and thanks publishers who provide review materials. After being abstracted and reviewed, the materials are added to the ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives, ensuring that a historical record will be available to both current and future students and scholars. We encourage your support of these publishers.

Permission is granted to make hard copy printouts of all or part of International Gay & Lesbian Review and to make photocopies by nonprofit groups or individuals. Reviews may be redistributed electronically via E-mail and Usenet discussion lists but must properly attribute their source with our preferred citation. Permission must be obtained from the editors to copy / archive / redistribute all or any part of the International Gay & Lesbian Review to another server. Use for profit is not permitted.

Preferred Citation Format:

International Gay & Lesbian Review
Los Angeles, CA