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Lady Knight

by L-J Baker

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Critique of Lady Knight by Doris J. Garden

Having read Broken Wings from this author I was sure I would like whatever she churned out and I was not disappointed. While the two stories differ vastly in theme, the writing is all Ms. Baker. In the first couple pages, she creates a world or replicates a time in history and draws you in. And then you can’t put the book down. Had I had a teacher who could evoke the images and time period that clearly to me, I might have been a better student. I know I would have chosen to read more books in this genre.

Ms. Baker delivers a story with all the gusto one comes to expect from her. Her writing is factual; something I admire greatly for her diligence to get it right. Obviously she did her homework, and we all benefit from it. The story tells of a Lady Knight, Riannon of Gast; her true love, Lady Eleanor Barrowmere; and her cousin Aveline, naer of the Goddess. These three woman’s lives are closely entwined throughout the book. While I wanted to hate Aveline for her deeds I had to admire her for her ambition; something few women in that period of time could have succeeded at.

Though the ending, as far as Aveline is concerned, could be interpreted as being unfinished, I prefer to read it as she is well on her way to achieving all her goals, and then some. The love story between Riannon and Eleanor shows us that true love can survive ghastly events when it’s real. While not necessarily a sugary happily ever after, it shows promise of being one, something they have both earned. It was not an easy road they traveled and yet they conquered all their demons. I think that’s one of the things I always enjoy about Ms. Baker’s writing. Women can conquer just about anything if they try. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys good character development, realism to a time in history that we might not otherwise know about, and a swift moving plot that never lets you down.

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